{ the pisarek family } family & pet session

December 5, 2011

The Pisarek shoot was more than just another "we need holiday cards" session. The family recently lost a husband/father (I offer my greatest condolences) and while not everything is perfect sunshine and rainbows, these two beautiful and strong women have managed to pull through with the unconditional love and support from their four legged fur-family, Sam & Pip. Kate told me, "[With these cards] we want everyone to see that we are doing okay, and we aren't going through this alone."

When I arrived, I was greeted by Kate and her massive white dog, Sam. Sam definitely fits into the category of gentle giant though and I may have to set up a sleep over just for the warm fluffy cuddles from that guy! (Hopefully my husband and my own pups won't be too upset!) Then I had the pleasure of meeting Myra (aka Mom) and Miss Pip. Pip is absolutely adorable and so soft and while she didn't care much for my camera (even after checking it out a few times; to make sure it wasn't going to kill anyone) she did fantastic. I promise I will visit without the camera some time Pip!


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